Question -"How come your not online so much, or not on too many social media platforms?"

Answer - "A few reasons, 1 is bad experiences, from hacking to destroying of my computers, or someone/something trying to steal my ideas. 2 is TIME, haha. I have my children, work, my home, potential businesses, and my books to tend too, which can take a lot of effort, especially since my job takes me away from home. 3 is, Technical skills, I'm a pencil technician haha, so my Tech skills on computer are weak, learning at every step as I go on this journey.

Question - "How did Neves, come into existence?"

Answer - "It started out as my vent, I kept a lot in from my personal and certain spiritual experiences. With a passion for creating and fantasy work, I began writing and falling in love with it, expressing my thoughts and opinions through my characters, and my world. I wrote two books out on paper, with my outlines for all five books, when my Dad, hahaha, did intervention on me. My family was worried about my well-being, being isolated in my man cave for over a year, and thought I was withdrawn (Depressed)...Hahaha, so I confessed about what I was doing, writing books and concept art. My dad was like, "WHAT" Hahaha and he encouraged me to bring them to the public, which I did, because I was going to keep it to myself.

Question - "What is you're motivation, about the obstacles you face as an emerging author?"

Answer - "God's love motivates me, And I try not to worry about; Author platforms, standards, etc. Because in the end of my life, I can look back and say, "I did that, I tried my best, I over-came, and the feeling of accomplishment and love, is worth it all.....Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me.

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